Grow Tadpoles If You Love Nature

90Growing tadpoles is a hobby for many. Some grow tadpoles to enhance the beauty of their aquariums, some to understand the life cycle of frogs, and some do it for the purpose of maintaining the ecological balance in ponds and fish tanks. The tadpoles for all these purposes can be collected from any nearby ponds or even bought from stores. There are several physical stores like the aquarium stores which sell tadpoles and frogs. There also are online stores from where you can order the type and number of tadpoles required for your purpose.

You can present tadpoles as a gift to your kid. It can be a fun gift as your child will love watching it swim, feed, and grow in the tank. If good amount of time is spent with the tadpole, it will learn to interact with your kid and can serve as a pet also. Tadpoles are always educational gifts as your child will understand the life cycle, eating habits, movement type, respiration, and other such biological functions of the tadpoles and frogs well. You can buy tadpole kits from stores and present them to your kids.

Some companies sell the tadpole kits for around $30. This kit will usually contain three to four tadpoles, an instruction manual and guide, the food for the tadpoles, soil and the required habitat. As the tadpole grows into a frog, you can transfer it to a bigger tank with secured covers so that it doesn’t jump out of the tank. Buying tadpoles are better than buying frogs. This is because you get to understand the creature as it grows and it will also develop a bonding with you. But when you buy a frog and bring it home, it will take several days or weeks to adjust. Till it gets adjusted it will keep itself hiding.

When you buy a tadpole kit, you must make sure that you or your kids have enough time to spend with the tadpoles. The water must be changed frequently, they must be fed on time, the tank and its accessories must be cleaned periodically, and also you must spend time with the tadpoles to make them feel at home.

If you are looking out to companies selling tadpoles, understand the species, their habits and requirements before buying it. Also enquire if there are any laws prohibiting keeping them as pets at home.

In short, tadpoles serve as good pets for children. They are less demanding pets and can be taken care of easily. Once they grow up, if the children cannot take care of them, parents or elders can take care of the pets. Once they grow, do not release them into the wild, thinking of freeing them. Aquarium grown frogs do not survive for long in the wild.

If you are planning to buy tadpoles, look out for tadpoles on sale. This will get you discounted prices or more tadpoles for tadpoles for sale. Keep checking your local stores for the updates on the sale.