10 Powerful Natural Home Remedies for Kids

87Being close to nature has inspired many poets and artists and they feel it is the healing power of nature which makes them concentrate more on the errand. It is indeed true that nature has produced such great resources which have the ability to cure anything. The only thing is we have to go look for it. In this modern age, where pollution and infections are prevailing over mankind it is difficult to raise kids with complete health. However, natural remedies ensure that it is quite possible and the following examples justify the greatness of the healing properties present in various creations of nature.

1. Breast Milk – The need of breast milk for infants is second only to life itself, such is the greatness of breast feeding and the immunity the child gets is quintessential. There is a rapid immune growth which protects the child from ear infections, germs, common cold etc.

2. Honey – The healing abilities of honey are enormous ranging from sore throat correction to healing upset bellies. In some cultures honey becomes part of essential diet of kids as it is believed to make them speak well without any stuttering or stammering. However, do remember that honey should be given in lesser proportions as it can cause botulism when consumed excessively.

3. Olive Oil – For many kids earaches are a common problem and they find it very uncomfortable. This condition can be seen due to fluid accumulation in the middle ear, ear infection, air pressure increase, common cold, blockage of nasal passage, etc. Olive oil is the best treatment for earaches and by carefully pouring 2-3 drops of olive oil into the ear canal of the child will soften the wax and make the ear better.

4. Lemon – The fruit with abundant Vitamin C is good for kids in many ways. Lemonade can help to rejuvenate the vital juices of children after heavy training sessions or playing in the ground. Moreover, lemon mixed with honey is the best recipe to neutralize the effects of an upset tummy and sore throat. Lemon is known to kill most harmful bacteria because of its slightly acidic nature.

5. Turmeric – Cultures across the world have given great importance to turmeric and some of them consider it as divine. It is no wonder because of the great properties possessed by turmeric. This wonder healer can ease up coughs, nasal blockage, throat irritation, viral infections, flu, asthma, etc. Turmeric is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

6. Ginger – Asthma is one of the major threats faced by children now-a-days and this lung disease makes them weak in immunity and stamina to perform. The shortness of breath, coughing, chest tightness would make life very difficult. Ginger is a classic remedy for asthma and other such respiratory problems. The use of ginger in any of the dishes can help or one can simply take ginger candies which can work for low level problems.

7. Lavender – Kids often get bruises or cuts during their play time and Lavender is the best option to make the children’s pain go away. It aids the body to improve or fasten the ability to heal. The soothing ability of Lavender makes it a harmonious remedy for kids.

8. Asafoetida – Children love chocolate and confectionaries, there is no doubt about that and there is also no doubt that they cause a lot of teeth related problems also. Asafoetida is the age old miracle-heal for teeth ache and brushing with asafoetida flavored paste will ensure there are minimal oral problems.

9. Cucumber – The skin of a child is very delicate and is prone to puffiness or swelling by relatively hard contact. Cucumber is the best cure for skin problems and it comes as no wonder that it is the most used greenie in spas.

10. Coconut Oil – The traditional oil used to improve the condition of hair and skin. It is found in almost every cosmetic production like creams and ointments. Coconut oil is having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is a great aid for massaging kids, cleaning newborns and applying on diaper rashes.

Now that you have learnt about the great treasures of Nature, make sure to remember them and use accordingly. Moreover, these natural remedies for kids are completely safe and work with a soothing effect so that nothing can happen to the child and only benefits are obtained. All of these natural remedies work better than most of the pharmaceutical medicines and ointments and are absolutely safe to use.