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Grow Tadpoles If You Love Nature

90Growing tadpoles is a hobby for many. Some grow tadpoles to enhance the beauty of their aquariums, some to understand the life cycle of frogs, and some do it for the purpose of maintaining the ecological balance in ponds and fish tanks. The tadpoles for all these purposes can be collected from any nearby ponds or even bought from stores. There are several physical stores like the aquarium stores which sell tadpoles and frogs. There also are online stores from where you can order the type and number of tadpoles required for your purpose.

You can present tadpoles as a gift to your kid. It can be a fun gift as your child will love watching it swim, feed, and grow in the tank. If good amount of time is spent with the tadpole, it will learn to interact with your kid and can serve as a pet also. Tadpoles are always educational gifts as your child will understand the life cycle, eating habits, movement type, respiration, and other such biological functions of the tadpoles and frogs well. You can buy tadpole kits from stores and present them to your kids.

Some companies sell the tadpole kits for around $30. This kit will usually contain three to four tadpoles, an instruction manual and guide, the food for the tadpoles, soil and the required habitat. As the tadpole grows into a frog, you can transfer it to a bigger tank with secured covers so that it doesn’t jump out of the tank. Buying tadpoles are better than buying frogs. This is because you get to understand the creature as it grows and it will also develop a bonding with you. But when you buy a frog and bring it home, it will take several days or weeks to adjust. Till it gets adjusted it will keep itself hiding.

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Outdoor Classrooms and Unitarian Universalist Values

89Across the country progressive school districts are sinking their money, time and resources into ‘green classrooms’. These outdoor learning spaces are living, breathing learning labs where educational standards are finding new life among butterfly, vegetable and rain gardens. Engagement and enthusiasm for learning are up, apathy and absences are down.

Yes, you say. How wonderful for school environments. What does it have to do with our churches?

Well, aside from the excellent reasons above – plenty.

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Jogging Strollers Help You Appreciate Nature

88Nature is all around us, it’s in our homes, and of course it’s outside. Being a working mother can make it hard to enjoy nature, you have to work, and you also have to keep your household together. The last thing you want to think about is enjoying nature.

Although it may not be a thought to enjoy it, there are ways you can squeeze in a nature walk. If you have small children, and you like to take them on walks or go jogging using a stroller, it’s the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the nature around you.

Not only will the fresh air be good for you, it’s also great for the baby. Children that are introduced to nature at an early age are healthier. They are less prone to develop serious allergies, and they are also less prone to get asthma. Using jogging strollers is the best way to get a great workout, and also enjoy quality time with your child.

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10 Powerful Natural Home Remedies for Kids

87Being close to nature has inspired many poets and artists and they feel it is the healing power of nature which makes them concentrate more on the errand. It is indeed true that nature has produced such great resources which have the ability to cure anything. The only thing is we have to go look for it. In this modern age, where pollution and infections are prevailing over mankind it is difficult to raise kids with complete health. However, natural remedies ensure that it is quite possible and the following examples justify the greatness of the healing properties present in various creations of nature.

1. Breast Milk – The need of breast milk for infants is second only to life itself, such is the greatness of breast feeding and the immunity the child gets is quintessential. There is a rapid immune growth which protects the child from ear infections, germs, common cold etc.

2. Honey – The healing abilities of honey are enormous ranging from sore throat correction to healing upset bellies. In some cultures honey becomes part of essential diet of kids as it is believed to make them speak well without any stuttering or stammering. However, do remember that honey should be given in lesser proportions as it can cause botulism when consumed excessively.

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Understanding the Nature of Good Relationships

86Helen was a highly successful career woman. Her star shined bright in her corporation. Yet, in spite of these corporate accomplishments, Helen had no meaningful relationships.

Her husband was distanced due to Helen’s businesslike approaches to her. Helen’s three children resent her because she was emotional absent in their lives. On the dark days when Helen was alone and uninterrupted, she longed for more meaningful relationships.


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